Life is like a big obstacle
put in front of your optical to slow you down (c)
I am honest, sometimes I think that the animals are smarter than humans.
- I wonder, why is it, sir?
- Here, judge for yourself. When I was lying on a couch, what just do not think. More thoughts changed in my mind for those few minutes than for the whole day.
- So all before bedtime go on a thought, sir. This is normal.
- Do you now imagine that those same cats, they lie all day here! Lie for himselfs and have their cat's thoughts. Ah, if only they knew how to say something, I'm sure, they would tell the person about the world much more than he could tell.
- And if the cat lie all day long and do not think, sir?
- Well, you got a wrong cat then, I think. Let us leave these thoughts, let's better drink tea.


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